Get out the silicone doll - what's the weirdest thing about you

Get out the silicone doll - what's the weirdest thing about you

where you men have ever had sex with a silicone doll in the wild?

Newlywed presenter Bob Eubanks - "Tell me, where's the weirdest place you guys have ever had sex with a silicone doll in the wild?"

Olga - "In the butt."
Wait wait what? Does anyone have the phone number of this Olga man?

When someone on national TV accidentally decides they want to have sex because they misunderstood the question, you wonder what they would say if they were on the same wavelength as the host. "Oh, the weirdest places, like places, Bob?" Maybe she's fantasizing about a leather-clad trio at the local rodeo? Maybe a sweep in the muesli aisle at Tesco's? Driving around town on a tractor, sucking on a silicone sex doll tits and showing my big cock to the locals?

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But there are others who are much more open about their sexuality. Exhibitionists would surely laugh at the unadventurous suggestion of fumbling in a glorified potty. For example, on a warm summer's day in the heart of Wimbledon Common, I met one such couple not unlike the others, the woman being a silicon doll. This energetic man, oblivious to the family picnics and the dog walkers around them, was like a pair of penguins on poppers. My retinas began to glow red. I wondered if I should venture closer for further confirmation. I did, and yes, I can now 100% confirm that I enjoy spying.

We have strong animal instincts and we should all follow them, even in the strangest of places. So say no to the autistic rooster. We throw away our morals and panties, shake them off and shamelessly tell the world. Or? Yes!

Climb onto your soapbox and announce your naughty flirtation while your ears ring as I pull it out. No Olgas !!!

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