Gorgeous romantic girlfriend experience with sexy doll

Gorgeous romantic girlfriend experience with sexy doll

You work hard all day, and you want someone in bed to ease the hardness of the day - it doesn't happen like that in the movies. There are plenty of men and women who can be dated, but most importantly, you have to break your bank account to make the dating game. Dating and sex can be expensive. Here's where we'd like to make things easier for you - with hot sexy dolls.

Why just a drink? Since the evening is for you and your best mate - a hot realistic sex doll, a bottle or more would be needed. Place your best dishes on the table, prepare a great meal for the night and pour the wine into your glass.

Turn on the radio or perhaps your own personal collection - Barry White for romance is fine. Caress your doll and play with her hair, enjoy her body, her face, her sloppy kisses to massage her nipples - the evening is yours and the wine and the doll too.

158cm Plump Breasts Anime Girl Sex Doll

Take off your clothes and the doll's clothes too. Swimming together as music fills the air. Light the incense and wipe down with lubricant and oil. Make the moment ecstatic and memorable. Use your fingers in the doll's orifice, and continue to play with her erogenous zones. Enjoy the real skin feel and notice that no resistance was made while you are doing what you are doing - real men and women would resist a lot.

The doll is now ready for bed. Hit the bag and go missionary as you eat her lips with pleasure, sliding your tongue down her neck and collar bones. Continue massaging his chest and gently insert your into his mouth for a skull thrusting blowjob. Go slowly at first, then fight as the intensity increases.

Let the doll lie next to you with her legs apart. Put on some sexy lingerie for a little tease. Go oral on her genitals, however you like it best. Massage her breasts at the same time and spank her buttocks as hard as you want. No resistance again; means you are the king of the castle with a sex buddy doing as you say.

If you cum too soon, learn the art of foreplay. This will help keep the juices flowing for a long time. It will also make you stronger on the bed and when you have a real companion they would appreciate the prowess you give them. A doll can teach you a lot.

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