hiding under the mattress

hiding under the mattress

People put sex dolls under their bed. People are less likely to seek sex under the bed than other places.

Although other people can see what you are wearing and look at your clothes, they are unlikely to find your items under your bed. Here are some ways you can hide cheap sex dolls under your bed.

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You want to make sure your sex dolls are safe. Complete them if you don't have one. But always remember to make room for other things. You can hide your sex toys under clothing, towels or other items and then cover them under the contents of the box.

You don't necessarily have to place items or other baskets under the bed. Instead, place your love doll's basket under the bed. You can transport the doll in the original box and put the box under your bed.

You can put this box under any normal bed. To ensure your doll is safe, wrap her in a blanket or duvet that is soft and will not fade. You can also place objects or boxes under the bed so that the doll's eyes are not distracted.

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