High quality sex dolls are sourced from Made in China

High quality sex dolls are sourced from Made in China

Owning a sex doll is no longer a shame and more and more people are embracing this new thing. But the pros and cons of dolls can be seen at a glance: it is important to choose a regular brand of dolls and a production retailer.

Sex dolls of the latest generation are also visually and mechanically convincing - thanks to movable steel skeletons, they can assume any desired pose and can change the color of their hair and eyes at any time. Many people are proud of the sex dolls they own, and at the same time, when the love dolls are no longer attractive, you are welcome to dispose of them like someone who deals in car radios or other products. For men, lifelike love dolls and erotic products are often not as mature as for women.

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We visited a production company's showroom, which is located in the basement of the house. The headless doll's body hangs from a steel hook and moves back and forth as if by magic. It's an odd sight, but the best way to store the love dolls, said the person in charge. Most of them are made in China and his company provides them with 3D models. A lifelike love doll has at least 150 working hours, which is unaffordable in Germany.

Inflatable rubber dolls have long been considered the only way to buy sex dolls, and no one can rely on such models these days. Real dolls offer a unique opportunity to fulfill unspoken wishes and fantasies as authentically as possible. Of course, life size sex doll come at a price, but this should always be viewed as an investment. Finally, you get the most modern form of love that your money can buy.

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