High quality silicone doll sell all over the world

High quality silicone doll sell all over the world

Our products are sex dolls, also called silicone dolls, which are sex toys. When I entered the factory building, I learned that this is a company that manufactures sex dolls. The two girls who applied together saw the doll turn around and left, saying they couldn't explain it to the family.

Looking at her back, I wanted to walk a bit too, but he seemed hesitant to have nails under his feet. My parents died young and my grandparents raised me trying to make every effort to earn money for me to go to college. You are old and I want to make more money. The starting salary here is high, and after the three-month trial period, there is a commission managed by the factory, and the conditions are very good for me.

163cm Plump Fat Woman Adult Sexy Tpe Doll

Most people in China only know about inflatable dolls, and solid dolls are made of silicone or TPE with mixed material. They have been popular in China for several years and have been popular in Europe, America and Japan for decades. This fat sex doll resembles a real person. It is heavily simulated in every part. She has a built-in metal skeleton, her joints can be bent and she can pose in different poses. There are many types of dolls, such as height, weight, skin color, facial features, even hair, eye color, tattoos, nails and other characteristics can be customized, the body can also be heated, you can customize the sound card, make silicone dolls speak some simple languages .

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