How a sex doll made me a better person

How a sex doll made me a better person

Some people might think that dealing with a sex doll can make people close and react negatively, but in my own experience, in some ways, legitimately owning a tpe sex doll has made me a better person.

Learn to appreciate existing relationships more

Owning a cheap sex doll has taught me the value of an emotional exchange and a relationship with a real human being. It has taught me to appreciate my real family, my friends and potential future partners even more.

Experience more empathy and love

Even if she's not real, I try to put myself in her shoes and make her "happy." This empathy enables the training of others and awakens a deep love and empathy within me.

Better connection with your heart

As I deal with her, I have to reflect on my true inner needs and feelings. This has taught me to better listen to my heart and connect with myself.

Improve the quality of your personal life

Decorating her room, shopping for clothes, and “going out” to play together—these acts have made my life more sophisticated and ritualistic.

Become more happiness and contentment

The moments of intimacy with her make me really happy, which is her gift to me. There's nothing wrong with feeling reasonably happy.

Having a sex doll doesn't change a person's core, but you can choose to make owning a most realistic sex doll an experience that will change you for the better. Depends on what your heart desires and how you approach the relationship.

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