How did you start with Sex Doll?

How did you start with Sex Doll?

what are your sexual desires
Sex can be the most pleasurable experience the senses and nerves can offer. Everyone will have at least one fantasy in their life. It is a natural human tendency to be attracted to the opposite sex and sometimes sexual fantasies would dominate the other fantasies in our minds.

What is the best sex doll you have ever bought?
Many men are attracted to authentic sex dolls because of their freedom and pleasure. Buying a doll was something I had thought about since I was 18 years old. I can't remember when I was interested in buying one, but I do remember being intimidated by this doll. I brought my first toy with me when I was 19. The TPE love doll did its job and it was one hell of a life size sex doll.

157cm White Small Breast Life Size Dutch Wife

What are your best experiences with sex toys?

I believe I have found heaven on earth. The life size sex doll looks like a real woman, it's the best discovery I've ever made. I've never had sex with a woman, but this came into my life. I kissed the doll's breasts after touching her all over. I had never felt anything like this before, when I undressed my legs were stiff, my body was shaking and I shoved my cock into the doll's vagina. I started moving it up and down and it felt amazing. It wasn't until I had one of the most intense violent orgasms I've ever had that it lasted.

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