How do I care for my love doll?

How do I care for my love doll?

If you own a realistic sex doll, chances are you would use it a lot. It is an investment on your part and needs care like a pet.

We've put together everything you need to know in this in-depth guide. Taking care of your sex doll will add many years to her lifespan, keep her fresh, clean and sexy, and keep her attractive for future pleasure.


Do not leave your doll's arms or legs up or open for long periods of time. Leaving your doll with her arms raised or her legs spread can cause the stress placed on the TPE to crack. You may return and find that your doll's armpits or groin area is split open, which then needs repairing. So be sure to always place your doll in a neutral, stress-free position, with her arms at her sides and her legs closed, when not in use.


Your sex doll has a metal skeleton with multiple fixed and movable joints that allow her to be flexible and perform a variety of poses. There are screw holes in the joints, in the foot and in the leg. It is normal for your doll to show slight modification marks and markings on these parts.

Be careful when carrying your doll around. Due to its metal skeleton, it can be quite heavy depending on its size. Avoid dropping your doll or hitting it against hard surfaces as this could cause damage.

While our dolls have enhanced wrists that can support their own weight. When having doggy style sex with your sex doll, it is best to support your doll's torso underneath her with pillows or furniture.

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How do I clean my love doll after use?

1. You should clean your doll after each use or contact with bodily fluids. The easiest way to do this is in the shower or bath with warm water and light soap. We recommend keeping your doll's head above the water level when bathing and cleaning it separately. When showering, keep your doll's head up.

2. After washing your love doll, dry it thoroughly with a clean towel to remove excess moisture. Avoid using too much force and scrubbing back and forth, instead towel dry with a gentle, squeezing motion. Do not use a hair dryer, sometimes too hot air can damage the skin made of TPE material.

3. For a gentler care, we recommend that you apply baby powder to remove any remaining moisture and keep your skin nice and soft.

Wig care instructions

The wigs should be washed separately with a mild shampoo and air dry, if you use a hair dryer you risk damaging the hair and pubic hair.

We recommend keeping your doll in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and extreme heat or cold.

These are the top recommendations for caring for your TPE sex doll.

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