How do I maintain and care for my sex doll?

How do I maintain and care for my sex doll?

Due to the inflationary spiral of the global economy, it is difficult for romantic partners to get along emotionally. However, this does not mean that their sexual desire will be weakened, so sometimes they need to release their tensions. Therefore, sex dolls are useful. The growing demand for life size sex doll is driving manufacturers to innovate. So they need to innovate and launch products that cater to a wide range of tastes. Our production team is made up of renowned sculptors, engineers, makeup artists and sex experts who work hard to make things better and provide bespoke orders to our valued customers.

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There is now a real doll. We have found that people have improved their happiness and pleasure with a sexy doll companion. You can make love and feel comfortable with your silicon lady. They will never leave you and never let you down. Made of TPE thermoplastic elastomer, it has a long lifespan and feels like real skin. In terms of genre, the interior texture is amazing. Use a lubricant to ensure the full play of the passion doll.

After the bath, wipe and apply the baby's body powder to the doll. Do not pour water into the metal fitting of the real sex dolls neck, as this may cause the water inside the doll's skeleton to rust. In addition, the feet of the dolls are also metallic. Please dry them.

Keeping your TPE love doll dry can keep you healthy and you must have a happy sexual experience. Only by keeping your real dolls healthy will you get a better sexual experience. These plump women were born to satisfy all men's sexual fantasies and desires. It was never imagined that a woman could actually be handcrafted from TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) or silicone.

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