How do sex dolls fit into the digital sex revolution that has everyone so busy?

How do sex dolls fit into the digital sex revolution that has everyone so busy?

A bold essay on "technological openness". "Sex has evolved," said Mar Harrison. Over the centuries, pioneering products like condoms, birth control pills and dildos have revolutionized it. “The next big step is the digitization of online porn sex dolls, sex robots and dating apps that are always available. You can quickly find many sex partners online and honestly you have the freedom to choose the perfect nipple for your artificial sex. color partner.

Thousands of people from all over the world, overcrowded rooms and a meter long line in front of it - the TOA has long been one of the most important conferences in Europe. But it's never been so urgent. The huge area of ​​the Berlin Funkhaus is more crowded than ever, and the setting looks more like a barking bazaar than the image of past nerdy tech events. “Blockchain, Bitcoin, startups” are everywhere. During this time groups enjoy food and drink, meditate and meet. A kind of "Woodstock" for the international digital elite.

It shows: The digital economy is booming like never before and everyone wants a piece of it! Other highlights of the conference are:

► “Will there be more cities by 2050?” on artificial intelligence and coexistence (Georg Polzer from Big Data startup Teralytics)
► The Future of Work - Robots are doing more jobs, but that doesn't necessarily mean unemployment! (Michael Böhmeyer from My Basic Income)
► Google-Treff: How startups rose quickly - and collapsed quickly
► Discuss digitization with Mathias Döpfner (Axel Springer)

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Are you "technical" yet?

Of course, none of this has any effect on your love life: in the future, friends and family will no longer be allowed to be gay, but technology, say porn researchers. People will admit they like robots. Threesomes can replace dangerous strangers with robots. Brothels can replace real women with willing love dolls.

But there are problems: "The ability to choose a big boobs sex doll partner on the internet means that we no longer make decisions," said Mar Harrison. "You also consume so much porn just because it's out there and you watch so much fast food with bad sex. It destroys the imagination." Because sex is always available online, but never better than it used to be. According to experts, some very unattractive porn stars feature rough sex. Like food, porn has quality issues and sometimes prefers "homemade" fantasies to internet fast food.

What's wrong with sex robots

New technology is great, but it can't replace a real person — sort of a reassuring conclusion from the speaker. Because sex robots are missing one fundamental thing: porn. It comes from feeling longing and moved to conquer someone. AIs will never be able to do this because they have no will of their own.

Therefore, digital sex partners do nothing about loneliness. But they can certainly be a temporary distraction - until we get bored and kept in the basement.

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