How do you define cheap sex dolls?

How do you define cheap sex dolls?

There used to be many movies and reviews about inflatable sex dolls, with the revolution in technology and the development of materials, now there are silicone sex doll and TPE dolls. Humans may need more sexual fantasies, such as visual and tactile stimulation, psychological gratification, and a need for artificial human toys. Sex dolls have a human shape and are actually derivatives of sex toys.

Is it one sided to see her as a sex doll?

For users, "sex dolls" are stigmatized because if there is a love doll in the private space, he is a pervert. Sometimes users not only have sex with her, but also eat with her, hug her, call her a "sex doll" as if she were dirty, and users have to use more euphemistic subtle words. In my opinion, this view of defining and understanding sexuality is too narrow and we need to broaden the meaning of sexuality. Sex doll users are not perverts, please understand.

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What is the difference between silicone dolls and other sex toys?

Users have greater desires and needs for sexual satisfaction, they are more aware of their desires, and they are more responsive to their desires. Sex dolls also have the property of being at the mercy of their masters, not defending themselves, and the masters control the real doll, a kind of SM (sadomasochistic) episode. Some people cannot express their desires with a real partner and get their fulfillment from dolls.

Did owning a silicone doll arise simply out of a need for companionship and intimacy?

Silicone dolls represent a substitute in real life. This type of gratification is actually very similar to the psychology of love, but tends more toward possessing and controlling a person. It is assumed that the person has been frustrated in real life, has difficulty in building a better real relationship, or has psychological needs that cannot be satisfied in reality, so the imaginary part is satisfied in the virtual world.

Of course there are also netizens who have this mentality: "Don't talk to me about sex, I feel dirty, I just want to be beautiful". But in our opinion, sex isn't dirty, it's your choice to have sex or not.

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