How is life for those who live with love dolls

How is life for those who live with love dolls

With the popularity of teen sexdoll porn, more and more people are choosing to make her a life partner. Let's take a look at what life is like for those who "live together" with love dolls.


You will treat the life size sex doll like a real person, get up, eat and watch TV with her. Some people help the doll "bathe" and change clothes, as a "friend".

emotional support

They will have close contact with the love doll to masturbate themselves and they will also share their problems and inner words. Some even send flowers and gifts to the dolls.


They go shopping or eating with the cheap sex dolls, and some "play" with them in the car. There are also those who “introduce” the doll to friends.

sex life

Most people simulate sex with a doll. Others simply see it as a sleep companion or a hug for warmth. The frequency of sexual intercourse varies from person to person.

inner world

Many of them develop feelings of attachment. But there are also those who only see it as a sex toy. They have varying degrees of contentment and emptiness.

In general, "cohabiting" with love dolls is not only a choice for them, but also a reflection of their psychological needs. We should not make hasty comments, but understand their inner needs and take care of them.

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