How long does the sex doll last?

How long does the sex doll last?

Achieving fantasy sex is never easy for most men.
With the advent of lifelike love doll, men's sexual needs can be met. Now people can accept dolls, they like to get along with dolls because dolls can bring them joy.

Because buying a doll is a huge investment, knowing how to make a doll last longer and how to extend its life is important.

There are many factors that affect the lifespan of a doll. Such as frequency of use, clothing materials, cleaning dolls, storage methods.

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Some of the main factors are described below:

frequency of use
If the doll is used for a long time, all parts of the doll will be worn out.
clothing material
Dyeing the body of the doll if the clothes were bought from poor quality materials
When you are done having sex with the doll, you need to clean up the doll. If the doll is not cleaned, bacteria can build up, but it can also be unsafe to use.
storage method
The way you store the doll will affect the lifespan of the doll. The doll's body will have indentations that can lead to splits and tears. Arms and knees are more sensitive. Therefore, please pay attention to the storage conditions of the doll.
If you take good care of your hyper realistic sex doll and pay attention to the above points, it can live longer.

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