How to buy realistic sex dolls

How to buy realistic sex dolls

Sex dolls are mainly used for adult sex toys. Almost all creature dolls using medical TPE material have a built-in skeleton, which can almost imitate various posture movements of humans.

Characteristics of real sex dolls

Some physical dolls with fine workmanship, keep the appearance similar to real people, such as hair style, face, breasts, etc., help men find the dream girl.

The user can touch and kiss the physical doll while having a sex life with the physical doll. physical dolls are rationally designed in the private part to improve sliding ability and bring physiological pleasure to users.

The joints of the physical doll are made of polymeric resin material and there are mechanical mounts inside to allow her to change poses.
Tensile strength, the repair costs are low.

Mertie - 169cm Tall Life Size Silicone Head Japanese Secretary Mix Doll

How to buy realistic sex dolls

Does the TPE have an odor?

With medical TPE material. which is non-toxic, harmless and tasteless.

What about the quality of the doll?
The product does not produce oil, no deformation.
Sex doll price
The cheap sex dolls for sale meet the different needs of users and can also be placed in different poses.
Using physical dolls can increase interest in life and add fun to sex life

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