How to clean dirty TPE love dolls

How to clean dirty TPE love dolls

1. Decontamination

Be careful with different materials including dyes and inks as the color will transfer to the love doll's skin. Avoid dark leather or leather materials with oil-soluble pigments.
Before putting new clothes on the realistic sex doll, be sure to wash them beforehand to avoid soiling.

Even if you put black clothes in the washing machine, they can get dirty. First, it's a good idea to regularly check your clothes for dirt.

If the girl gets dirty, use a cleaning machine that contains benzoyl peroxide. Simply apply to the surface and leave on for about 30 minutes. After a while, wipe the problem area and make sure it is clean. If necessary, repeat the process again.

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2. Vaginal, oral and anal care

It is recommended to apply petroleum jelly to the vagina, mouth and anus weekly.

Vaseline fights mold by removing moisture. It also speeds up the cleaning and drying of the well plate completely. Apply petroleum jelly to all openings and leave overnight.

Do not impersonate sex dolls when you are not around, as leaving the real doll in the TPE for a long time may tear it. When not using it, lower your arms, fold your legs, and return to a neutral position.

Keep Sex Dolls out of direct sunlight.

TPE is very soft and can flatten and wrinkle on hard surfaces for long periods of time. Make sure the lover is lying on a soft surface (the softer the better) so the lover doesn't flatten or wrinkle. Another solution is to use a coat hook or hanging kit to hang the sex doll. Do not pull the love doll with your hands or feet. Always keep your love doll moving safely and smoothly.

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