How to create the perfect look for your sex doll

How to create the perfect look for your sex doll

In most cases, the sex doll was made by the manufacturer himself.
However, care should be taken when using makeup and body, tooth decay or wigs. Facial care and make-up are not complicated. With a little practice, anyone can do this themselves. However, it is important to be aware of some principles based on the difference between TPE, silicone skin and human skin. Don't forget that a good looking sex doll can enhance your surreal erotic experience.

To remove makeup

For easier handling of the face, detach the doll's head and place it on a sturdy stand on a table or shelf. I recommend removing the wig or pulling the hair out of your forehead with a headband or elastic. Take an appropriate amount of makeup remover (for silicone skin, commercially available) Take an appropriate amount of makeup remover and wipe off the makeup with a soft cloth or paper towel.

You can also use warm water and antibacterial soap, and then use a paper towel to wipe away any makeup residue. If you plan to do makeup on your doll regularly, I recommend buying a special makeup cream made especially for her.

Angrk-162cm F Cup Rugby Girl WM Love Doll

cleansing of the face

Take the time to clean your face. Rinse your mouth, nose and ears with a warm soapy solution. Place a soft cloth in the cavity and dry them off. Don't rub them too hard. Just let the fabric absorb the excess moisture. Air dry your head. Do not use a hair dryer.


When your face is completely dry, you can start applying makeup. Applying the powder with a brush first will make your skin smooth, beautiful and soft. You can use baby powder or buy special toners from stores that sell TPE and silicone sex doll accessories.

A lipstick or lip gloss may be enough for you. But it's not difficult to give her a pretty look, so give it a try. You will need sticky lashes, lash glue, eyeshadow, blush, a makeup brush, and lipstick.

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