How To Maintain Tpe Sex Doll

How To Maintain Tpe Sex Doll

Saying goodbye is always the saddest thing, whether it's a friend, partner or family member, but the timing of saying goodbye to us is the sex doll is completely controllable, and it's not a difficult task. Dolls mean a lot to some people. In her heart, dolls will also occupy a very important position. Dolls bring many different joys into their lives. Therefore, before owning a doll, they will definitely want to know the life expectancy of the doll.

But before we discuss it, we need to know this, just like everything else in life. For example, a car needs to be serviced when it has reached a certain mileage, and it needs to be serviced frequently even when the road conditions are poor. Dolls also need regular maintenance for the same reason. While it is impossible to judge a doll's actual life, there are many factors that affect a doll's life. The following factors affect a doll's life:


TPE stands for Thermoplastic Elastomer, which consists of mixed polymers (e.g. plastic and rubber) and is composed of materials with thermoplastic (plastic) and elastic (rubber) properties. TPE is a plastic that can be stretched up to 5.5 times its length and is very soft. Therefore, the solid TPE sex doll made of TPE is very soft. If you want to buy life size sex doll, buying the best quality is a wise choice. Due to the good quality of the doll, it will stay with you longer.

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Of course, the more often the doll is used, the greater the wear and tear and the shorter its lifespan. However, for dolls that are used frequently, proper care and maintenance is required to reduce the wear and tear of the dolls. Above all, water and cleanliness. Another important point is the careful handling of the doll. Too much force can cause dents, cracks, or even collapses, shortening the doll's lifespan.

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In a word, since the doll is a long-term use product, you must first have a high-quality doll to effectively extend the life of the doll, and it also requires daily maintenance.

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