How to make a realistic silicone doll lubricate?

How to make a realistic silicone doll lubricate?

Now lube is something that should be used with a sex doll. If you want chafing and pain, you won't use it, but if you want an experience that feels good for you and the doll, grab some lube.

Some might think that all lube is equal, it is not. Some of the cheap lubes aren't great, and with a silicone doll you should try to use the water-based ones. This will allow you to have better penetration, and you should use it for all cavities, whether oral, anal or vaginal. This will allow the skin to be smoother both on the doll and on you. It's definitely something you want if you don't want an irritated dick, and it can help keep the doll lasting longer.

If you don't use lube with the doll, the big problem is that you'll start to notice the skin starting to wear off. It is not as smooth and tight as you would like, and it may affect the performance of the doll. You may notice that the hole was nice and tight when you used it initially, but now it's not. This can really affect the texture and softness of it.

Plus, think about it, it can even affect the doll's skeletal system. If you push the headstock down continuously, it may cause the headstock to fall off, so you should be aware of that. Obviously, these dolls are of the highest quality, and many of them are expensive due to how much you want to put into them to ensure that you get the most out of your investment. But, be aware of this, and you should definitely use lube, not just for yourself, but for the doll as well.

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It is also important to remember that certain positrons also affect the sex doll. Be smart and use lube every time. When you are finished, clean the holes. These get nasty. When using the doll, be sure to reapply lube each time, as lube can sometimes come off with the force of thrusts. It's something to consider, and if you want to have an amazing sex experience with the doll, you'll definitely want this.

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