How to make sure she is not damaged when moving your doll

How to make sure she is not damaged when moving your doll

One thing to consider when using your realistic silicone realistic sex doll is how to move it. Some people generally think that sex dolls can be thrown away and such. They can be to some degree, but in many cases that's not what you should be doing.

You should be very careful when moving the doll because initially it may be heavy due to the fact that the doll has a metal skeleton. You might be surprised at how big the doll is when you get it, but also because of its weight. Sometimes these dolls are often misjudged in terms of their weight, so it is important that care is taken when moving the doll.

You should be careful with the doll, as dropping it could cause some joints to pop out and hitting it against hard surfaces can injure the metal skeleton. You should make sure to keep this in mind, because often a person's strength is much more than those dolls, and they tend to misjudge the effort required for it, so take your time to figure out what feels the doll, and there, know that it's a little fragile, so don't take your strength either.

Now when it comes to sharp objects keep it away from the skin. First, it can tear it, which you won't be able to put back, and with that, it risks exposing the metal joints, which can end up hurting the joints underneath and under them. . Also, it seems unsightly to have all of that there, so if you're looking to keep this doll around for a long time, take precautions and keep it away from sharp objects.

When it comes to the limbs, you have to be careful stretching them. As a general rule, if you stretch it slightly during sex, use the renewing powder to restore its normal shape. However, if you don't do this, it can cause the skin to tear, which can damage the skeleton, and that's not what you should be doing. Also, stretching and making the doll's arms look uneven, which in turn might look unsightly to a few people, so try to avoid stretching it.

The same goes for strength. Remember it's a doll, it can't take extreme force. In some cases, this crushes the metal skeleton, which makes the doll less lively and can detract from its overall appearance. It can also damage the skeleton to the point where the joints can collapse and overall it doesn't look right.

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You should consider that damage will reduce its quality as you progress, and the doll will look dirtier, which will also decrease the life of the doll, which in turn will be discarded or replaced sooner than late. Of course they are built to be durable, but you have to make sure you don't think it can take every hit, because if it's a toy, it's a very expensive toy and needs to be used with caution. .

Finally, when it comes to positions, you will notice that it sits in an upright position. That's because that's how it's made, and you should consider that as well when using the doll. Tons of people have this idea that they should keep the doll in a bent position, but it will actually cause problems later on. He can deform the skeleton and damage it, which could cause it to collapse.

It's fine if you want to bend him over for sex, but it's best to make sure you alternate positions and make sure they're not kept in one for too long. Keeping it upright can actually distort the skeleton, since often doing so and then trying to move it again could cause limb and joint problems, reducing the quality of the doll.

You should make sure that you alternate the position, avoiding bending over as best you can. There are a few hanging kits that you can purchase in order to keep safer storage for your love doll, but you should definitely also consider that if you don't want to spend that money, you should try to make sure that you move it around as much as you can, as this will increase the life of the doll.

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