How to make your sex doll have body temperature?

How to make your sex doll have body temperature?

There are rumors that the sex doll industry plan is more risky than the artificial intelligence plan. They will further expand the creation of real sex doll that can perform certain tasks and perform certain household chores. At this point, I think having a real partner will be greatly affected and will have problems. Many people will like the sexy silicone sex doll that is surreal, enthusiastic, able to talk and able to do something. It would be the perfect partner, and there might be no turning back.

Their adult sex dolls are made from the best realistic materials, namely silicone and TPE (thermoplastic elastomer). After years of trials and tests, these materials have an ultra soft feel that will greatly increase the pleasure of this experience. The site also offers guides to help you choose the best sex doll for you, the one that suits your tastes and preferences. Another part of the website that inspires my confidence is that all information about sex dolls is made public and clearly stated. Prices, payment methods, realistic love doll materials, photos, and care instructions are clearly displayed on the website.

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So what is the best sex doll on the market? After all the research, I found that bonds provide the best value for money. Of course, there are cheaper sex dolls, but the quality is not satisfactory. There are more expensive dolls, but the difference in quality is small, so it's best to be where you can get the best value. If this sex doll doesn't make your heart beat faster, nothing can be done. Just looking at it, it was amazing and designed for entertainment.

Keep your body warm. Unlike previous silicone and TPE sex dolls, which had to be manually heated before intercourse, robotic TPE love dolls are equipped with human body heaters. The heat is like human heat, you don't have to preheat it. He will always accept you and is therefore very attractive. Artificial memory. Artificial intelligence dolls are loaded with false memories. This allows them to store information about everything in it. For example, your real sex dolls may store information from your previous conversations for future reference or to continue.

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