How to order realistic luxury silicone dolls?

How to order realistic luxury silicone dolls?

First of all, once you have decided on the sex of the tpe silicone doll. Most ordering sites start with gender. Once you've chosen your doll's gender, turn to race. Asians, Caucasians or others. It all depends on your mood, your style and your choice. Then the aesthetic appearance of the doll will appear in the light. You can make your big butt doll as attractive as you want. Some websites allow you to choose skin color, built-in, height and many other features.

It is very important to take care of your 168cm realistic doll. If you have sex with a doll, be sure to clean it after each sex. If you only use it for cuddling, clean it every 2-3 days to make sure it lasts a long time. Most manufacturers send cleaning kits to big butt realistic sex doll. If the seller sent you one, be sure to use the kit only because they made special cleaning kits for their dolls based on materials and other aspects.

157cm Roller Skating Girl Can Do Back In Life Sized Sex Doll

If your doll has a detachable head or other body part, remove it and wash it properly. If the seller does not provide a cleaning kit, you can use warm water and a mild detergent and an antibacterial soap mixture to clean the doll. Store properly before drying.

It is very common to have wrinkles and fine lines on the skin of the big butt doll. If this happens, don't worry and let the doll stand on the floor. The wrinkles will disappear in a short time. If creased, do not crease to avoid damage. Allow the skin to return to its original shape before storing.

When transporting sex dolls, be sure to count the weight you are carrying. In general, a sex doll is about half the size of a real person of the same shape and size. So, you can expect your doll to weigh between 70 and 100 pounds. Do not put weight on the packaging or the doll. Pack the accessories in different boxes when transporting.

Sex dolls are a perfect example of how we fill the void in our lives. There are many different reasons for buying sex dolls, in most cases it is a one-time investment. Always make sure you choose the right product and enjoy it for the rest of your life.

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