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Put the wig straight
wig cap and pins
Wig cap with Velcro closure
Refrain from using glue
Say no to tight straps
Don't settle for inferior quality wig caps
We all love to give our beloved tpe sex doll a sexy hairstyle. It's a lovely way to add some glamor to her style. You might as well keep lots of wigs for your baby doll. But do you really know how to put the wig on your doll correctly? Are you doing this in the right way? Well, they may seem like strange questions to you. After all, what's the point of putting on a wig? This isn't rocket science. Well, if you think so, you'll be surprised.

It turns out there is a standard procedure for decking out your sex doll with a new wig. Today we are going to introduce you to the correct way to attach this sexy wig to your love doll. So, folks, let's get started right away.

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This is as easy as it sounds. You take the wig and just put it on your doll's head. No fuss, no hassle. But there's a catch here. You see, this process only applies to the wig that the torso masturbator is equipped with. The default wig will be adjusted according to the doll. Simply put, it is custom made for the doll. Therefore, you will have no trouble fitting your love doll into the wig.

However, this process cannot be used for additional wigs that you purchase for your doll. The reason is simple; These wigs are not made specifically for your love doll, but are generic wigs that will require some customization on your part.


This is a fairly simple and popular method among doll owners. All you need to do is a hair cap and some pins or hair clips. Then the next step is to put on a hair cap on your doll. You can make some necessary changes to the hair cap if needed. However, you should get a cap that fits your doll perfectly. Now that we have the batter ready, it's time to apply the toppings. You got the pun, right?

Now carefully pull the wig over the cap and adjust it with pins or hair clips. The hair clips must be used around the edges of the wig. With a light restyling, the wig is ready to wear. This method is a fairly cheap and uncomplicated way to dress up your doll in a new wig. We just can't resist throwing puns.


We saved the best for last. For this method you will (again) need a wig cap and double-sided Velcro pads. The procedure is pretty much the same as the last one. You will receive a wig cap of the appropriate size, but this time attach the velcro fasteners to the wig cap. Then put the wig on the cap, it's that simple. Just make sure the velcro patches are well spaced over the wig cap. You don't want the wig to be loose from any side. Also, don't overload the velcro straps so you don't have trouble removing the wig.

This method is the favorite of doll owners for obvious reasons. You don't need to adjust the hair clips or pins to shape the wig. Also, with Velcro, it's pretty easy to put on and take off the wig. Just make sure you do this with gentle hands.

So far we have discussed the right methods to put a wig on your love doll. Now we will discuss what not to do with a small sex doll.


Of course, we'll start with the most common misstep doll owners make. Kleber has a variety of roles to play, but helping out with doll wigs isn't one of them. There are glaring downsides to using glue to attach a lifelike sex doll. First of all, the glue can damage the doll's scalp. The components of an ordinary glue are mostly not compatible with the skin of a doll. Second, the glue could fix the wig permanently and you can't remove it. Even if you try, you could end up peeling off your doll's scalp.


Many doll lovers tend to wear insanely tight thongs that end up leaving very visible marks on their dolls. Needless to say, you don't have to go that route. There's a good chance you'll permanently damage your doll's skin. While there is no restriction on the use of harnesses, you must not use extremely tight harnesses. Just look for straps that fit your doll. This way you can keep your doll's skin safe and healthy and no less have the wig in place.


Gentlemen, you must understand that in this whole wig ceremony, the wig cap is the main protagonist. No cap, no wig. Therefore, you cannot afford to buy an inferior quality cap for your doll. If the wig cap is not stable, the wig will not hold. Also, you always need to buy light-colored wig caps because they won't stain your doll's skin. A cap stays on for a considerable amount of time and can therefore leave some rough-looking marks on the doll's scalp. So you'd better choose a wig cap that can't leave marks or stains. As simple as that.

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