How to remove realistic sex doll stains?

How to remove realistic sex doll stains?

Getting spots on a realistic sex doll is an uncomfortable experience. Cleaning the sex dolls is important, so how often do you clean sex dolls?

When having sex with a real doll, it is advisable to clean her vagina. Follow the cleaning tips above to ensure your doll has a clean sex life. If you are cleaning real dolls, you need to follow the steps of cleaning TPE dolls. Cleaning the adult doll recommends taking the necessary precautions so as not to damage it.

It is difficult for beginners to choose the right approach, but even experienced users can make mistakes. A more common mistake is coloring! These stains are usually caused by dyes on clothing and must be removed immediately.

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Step 1: Buy a bottle of stain remover. It is recommended to buy a stain remover cream for TPE love dolls before coloring them. This is because you can clean up faster and easier the first time you color. Stain removal creams are available from most online stores.

Step 2: Mix the TPE stain remover. To use it better, you will also need cotton swabs. Dip a cotton swab into the water and mix the stain remover into a paste. Apply the stain remover to the stain on the doll's skin. You must be patient as this process will take a lot of time. Use a clean rag to wipe the remaining stain remover cream off the doll's skin.

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