How to store your big breast realistic silicone doll

How to store your big breast realistic silicone doll

Some of us like realistic dolls with abnormally large breasts. Sex dolls are a way to live out your fantasy, after all. The problem with very large breasts, besides the fact that it is very difficult to find clothes that fit their upper body, is that the breasts themselves are so heavy that they can actually damage the doll herself. When she lies on her back, her breasts fall to the sides, due to their own weight. It looks like this:

Here's the thing. If you store your doll in this position, the breasts will constantly cause pressure on the area between them, which over time will cause tearing. For the first few weeks or months, my doll was in this position most of the time. This is what she looks like between her tits now:

I gave her monthly oil baths and used Vaseline between her breasts, but that area still started to tear. It's not that bad, but if I had kept my doll in the same position, it would look much worse. That's why I now store my doll with her arms up, so they hold her breasts in place. This is the advice I would like to give to all new doll owners who buy a doll with incredibly large breasts. Look how his arms are positioned:

Notice the angle of his arms, they are bent. This avoids causing her to tear her armpits, which would happen if she had her arms pointed away from her body for a long period of time. Her breasts are not pressed against each other, they are barely touching. They have been powdered so they will never be able to stick together, which TPE could do if you don't powder it and also press it against itself.

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So that would be my most important tip for those of you who are considering buying a realistic life size sex doll with breasts of this size. I haven't weighed them, but they are very heavy. Each buson weighs at least a kilo, that's for sure. Another thing to think about, before buying a doll with these unrealistic measurements, is, as I mentioned before, the difficulty of buying clothes, at least for the upper body. But that's not something I'm going to get into right now, so it's worth mentioning. To show you how her breasts behave when you play with them from this angle.

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