How to take care of your silicone sex dolls without damaging them?

How to take care of your silicone sex dolls without damaging them?

Your pretty silicone doll is finally here! Now you have to learn how to move it without hurting it. You also need to know how to take care of your sex doll. She's not that fragile, but you need to get some tips to take better care of her!

1. Be careful when unpacking the sex doll

We know how you feel when your adorable one has finally arrived! When she's brand new, her limbs are a little stiff. After a while of moving, she will be fine. Be careful when trying to take it out of the box, it might be a bit heavy. It is difficult for you to bend your body to raise it. If you don't need the box, you can cut the box, then gently take it out and leave it on a chair or bed. If you need the box, try doing it in a seated position, then lift it by holding her armpit, it will be much easier.

2. Don't over bend or stretch the realistic sex doll more than she can handle

Like a real girl, your big love doll has her limit of tolerance. When you stretch your arms, legs, or bend at the waist, you may feel it's only to a certain extent. When you feel it, please stop, it's her tolerance limit, giving more pressure will definitely hurt her, it could either break the skeleton or tear her skin. If this happens it is unlikely that you will be able to repair it unless you send it to a workshop.

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3. Don't leave the sex doll in a strange position

Of course, you can pose her however you want, but please put her in a natural position afterwards, like sitting, lying or standing. Leaving her in a strange position will hurt her.

One of the really bad positions is doggy style, it will put tremendous pressure on their knees. This position will definitely tear his knees apart. If you really want to do it, do it on a soft bed, with an extra blanket or pillows under your knees

4. Never leave your sex doll face down

It's a bad position, it hurts the face, breasts and knees. Her face will be injured, her breasts may be deformed and her knees will be torn. Never do it even if it's only 1 second!

5. Use a chair with wheels to move the sex doll around

They're heavy we have to admit with that, especially if you're new to sex dolls, she might be too much for you to handle. If you are new to this, try to get a large doll below 30 kg / 50 lbs. It's a good size and weight to handle. You need a chair with wheels, like an office chair to move it around. It will be much easier for you.

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