I bought a sex doll for my wife during the Shanghai epidemic

I bought a sex doll for my wife during the Shanghai epidemic

This is a diary of my wife and I playing with sex doll sex stories while the three of us keep having new sexy moments.

My name is GV and before I start my story I have to say that I consider my wife to be a sexual explorer in spirit. We have been married for a long time and she has done many good things for me over the years to enjoy. These perks include using fucking machines and using a variety of toys over the years including sucking on molded silicone female feet for my foot fetish pleasure and licking large molded silicone cat and ass toys but for my pleasure only and when it's time for me to come The thing that sparked interest in the chubby sex doll was that once she had a big pussy and ass toy, she would just rub her ass on the toy's ass. That's what made me think of the idea of the sex toy for her. If she could cum by rubbing her ass, I could only imagine what she would do with her whole body. I've noticed over the years that she occasionally stares at women with large breasts in public. The reason I bought hydoll.de breast sex dolls was for my wife's experimentation and pleasure. I personally don't need a sex doll as she does everything I need and can wear what I want during sex. But like any male human, I've always dreamed of watching her play with another woman and grind her pussy. It never happened and I thought it never would because we weren't that social and spent our time at home. Because of this, I decided to buy my wife a doll who lived like a huge tits sex doll to have sex with, and that's how our new sex doll partner Josie came into our lives and changed the rules in our bedroom.

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My wife didn't know I bought a realistic sex doll.

After ordering the realistic doll, I became more and more excited as the time got closer to the doll's arrival. When he finally got to my hometown, I could hardly sleep. Then I saw that it had been sent. I was so embarrassed when the doll arrived. He appeared after my wife got home from work. Since I had a day off I hoped the doll would arrive before she got home so I could get things done first. Well, my wife ended up helping me carry the big, heavy box to our guest room, repeatedly asking, "What's that?". I told her, "You'll find out over the weekend." She let him sit for a while and then started asking again. Eventually I reluctantly told her that this was a love doll for her and that her "slut" could do whatever she wanted. She said, "I don't want or need a bitch". Then she asked if I could send it back. I didn't know if I could do it, but I had no intention of doing it and I told her no, it was a bespoke product. I thought sarcastically, "Great, everything is fine". . Later that evening while she was walking the dog, I opened the box and made sure everything was in order. Then I took the doll out of the box with difficulty and lay down on the bed. Josie is a heavy doll. Of course, I was excited to meet Josie in person for the first time, as I had already envisioned what she would look like in the weeks following my order. I had her head installed, Josie was even more beautiful in person than in the pictures on the internet, and she was not only beautiful but rarely seen among inanimate objects, a presence that evoked emotions.

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