I didn't think that the current dolls are so realistic

I didn't think that the current dolls are so realistic

Sex doll love is one of the objects of "modern men's pursuit of happiness". With the increasing demand in the market, the quality of the love doll has improved significantly. In terms of shape and feel, this is real life and many people are pleasantly surprised. Call it "the never-ending evolution of sex doll"! Recently, a poem about sex dolls became popular on the internet. It turns out that these silicone resin dolls are not only beautiful and beautiful, but also have charm and temperament similar to real people. At first glance, you hardly see it as a dummy.

168cm Muscle Beauty Realistic Sex Dolls Who Loves To Exercise

What is most surprising is that these love dolls are well designed and have nothing to say. After putting on beautiful clothes, they pose in a pose, just like Meng Mei's photo album! Smooth fair skin looks smooth and can hold hands. No wonder this series of sex dolls is also called "silicone fairy tale". Gentle temperament is really beautiful like a fairy.

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