I won't be alone with silicone doll until Christmas

I won't be alone with silicone doll until Christmas

The factory has also developed an intelligent doll that can move its head and limbs and respond to guests in Chinese and English. It resembles an intelligent robot, but it is expensive and the cheapest costs 4,000 euros. But compared with European and American dolls, silicone dolls made in China are much cheaper.

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On the other side of the factory, I went into the office and turned on the computer to check the mail. The first thing I do every day is answering all sorts of weird questions from new customers: "Will I get stuck", "How many degrees can a big boobs sex doll heat up", "What is the maximum breast size when a doll is standing", brings they make people laugh and cry. At that point, the computer rang "ding," an email from Andy headlined, "I won't be alone this Christmas."

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