Ideas for posture of your sex doll and your health!

Ideas for posture of your sex doll and your health!

If for any reason you have decided to buy a sex doll, you should know that it is important to do as much research as possible.

Regarding the services to you and the maintenance of the realistic sex doll, practices to avoid…… more intimate, do you know how to have sex? To innocuous questions, the answer can be “yes”; but do you know how to have sex with a sex doll? Discover here a range of interesting positions to bring your sex doll back to life.

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The first 4 positions you can try with your doll

Whether you own a sex doll or a love doll, it's only natural that you want to add some fun to your intimate lovemaking because that's one of the reasons you got them. Just like a real woman, there are some positions that you can try on her.

dog style

Very popular with sexually active people, this position allows you to think about the shape of your doll and increase your pleasure tenfold. To do this, you have to position your doll so that you can see her from behind while penetrating her from behind.

soup spoon

If you want a little more tenderness during sex with your silicone doll, the spoon will be positioned to meet your expectations. In a discreet way, it allows your body to live in perfect symbiosis with your doll. Both are lying, and penetration is done by standing behind your doll and resting your stomach on her back.


The missionary position is one of the most intense positions. To do this, you need to lay your miniature sex doll on her back, spread her legs (slightly) and then lie on top of her.


To take your antics to the next level or to fulfill a fantasy, your lifelike sex doll offers you the opportunity to progress from vaginal penetration to anal penetration. If this is one of the criteria when buying a sex doll. For sodomy you can adopt the same position as in doggy style, with the difference that the penetration is done through the anus. Your sex doll can also lie face down. That depends entirely on your preferences.

The 3 best sex positions to burn calories
You may have heard of sex as a "bedroom sport"; You should know that the name is no small thing. There are some sexual positions that, when performed well, will help reduce calories.

pound butter

Place your sex doll in the candle position and then hold her level with her intercourse while you perform the penetration. About 211 calories are burned in this position.

Spread the Eagle

The spread eagle pose or "stretch eagle" pose allows you to reach orgasm easily and also helps you burn enough calories (145 to be exact). For the stretching eagle pose, lay your doll on its back, as in the missionary position. Then, stand on your head and lift those legs up so they form a V.


In this sexual pose, you stand up and position the legs of your silicone sex doll so that they are around your waist. In this pose, you'll burn almost 198 calories.

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