Immersion in a realistic doll culminates in

Immersion in a realistic doll culminates in

This girl has a realistic texture like a real woman, so it is a feature and charm that you can enjoy pseudo sex, it has a realistic texture. Because it uses medical grade silicone material, it can offer a texture close to human skin. There is also a metal frame embedded inside that simulates the movement of bones and joints.

You can experience the soft face of these love dolls, which cannot be considered as a sex doll. If you have a cute face, you can flirt with a good height as a lover, and if you play your cheeks, you will be happy. Since breasts are big breasts, your childhood will increase and you will be more excited by faking them naked for sex. If you like small boobs, squeeze your nipples during missionary thrusts and you will have an orgasm, and you are a petite cutie, I'm excited because I feel it.

157cm Wheat-colored Hot Allie Tpe Dutch Wife

You can customize hairstyle, hair color, eye color, skin color, nipple color, nails, tail texture and color as you like! Soak up the chills in a see-through costume like a loli love doll or have high school girls wear it. Beautiful realistic sex doll with cute shapes are very attractive. Recommended for dolls who like small and cute designs.

If you want a more realistic look for women, you can buy and wear women's clothing online. This is a slim model so you can wear it all. There are many places that sell dress-up items just for love dolls, and it's a time when it's easy to find your favorite items. Changing clothes is also the time when men get excited. An unrealistic system with a petite body and a large chest, recommended for those who seek a clean body and mind!

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