Instructions for using sex dolls

Instructions for using sex dolls

You open yourself into a world of sex dolls that are (almost) too good to be true.
But while most realistic sex doll can do amazing things, they need to be properly cared for if they are to last as long as possible. So here are some tips on how to keep your sex doll in tip-top shape and make sure she's by your side in the bedroom whenever you need her.

How do you know if you need a doll?

Take stock of your life and see where you think an upgrade would benefit you. If there's something in your life that doesn't bring you joy (or even makes you unhappy), replace it with something that does. A sex doll can be a welcome addition to any home - you don't need to use them all the time, but if you've bought one and enjoy having it around, why not make it a part of your daily routine?

The importance of hygiene

It is important that you keep your sex doll clean. Although different sex dolls are made from different materials, their primary purpose is to give you pleasure and it's important to keep your doll clean so you don't get infected by germs or other things that may have gotten on your doll before using it for was packed for transport, become ill. Follow these simple steps to properly clean your cheap sex doll after each use.

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situational awareness

Try to be aware of your situation at all times and keep yourself safe. If you cannot avoid putting yourself in a potentially dangerous situation, find someone close by who can take care of you or someone you can trust in case something happens. If no one is around, you should carry a self-defense device such as pepper spray or have an alarm ready in case of an emergency. Even if you think everything will turn out fine, you should take all possible precautions to avoid putting yourself in unnecessary danger.

Use it!

Having your own sex doll may be fun, but many owners report that their dolls just sit around or gather dust. Before you invest in one of these high-maintenance works of art, make sure you're willing to take it out for a little fun every now and then. If you don't have time for sex (or just don't want it), you should definitely check out male masturbators - they're perfect for singles and people without a partner.


When it comes to maintenance, lovedolls are like any other quality sex toy; they are not cheap and they require proper care to maintain. However, with proper maintenance and care, you can ensure that your doll will last for many years to come. Some people clean their dolls weekly, others only every few months or so. It is important to remember that your doll is not indestructible and cannot withstand anything you throw at her.

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