Japanese love doll found in junkyard

Japanese love doll found in junkyard

In 2021, China's Shanghai area will begin to introduce waste sorting. According to reports, Shanghai residents immediately expressed their dissatisfaction with the waste sorting process. There are policies, there are actions, and there are internet users who have their own landfill policies. There is a common example of what pigs can eat, and that is wet bedding. What pigs don't eat is dry waste. Pigs die when they eat it, calling it toxic waste. Recycled waste can be sold to pigs. It's very obvious at first glance, but if you think about it carefully, most people in the city don't have pigs.

But it reminds me of something. Two days ago, when the company was cleaning up Auntie's utility room, she saw a real love doll and they debated whether to look at it or not. It was a huge spectacle, of course, and I immediately sought the help of a male colleague. Depending on the intended use of the love doll, it has been confirmed that it should be disposed of. But with a doll shape this realistic, the real point is to throw her where she won't panic. What is a love doll?

We did some reviews on this topic. The most common sex dolls on the market are divided into TPE and silicone. The love dolls we sell are made of TPE material + built-in metal skeleton. TPE materials are recyclable plastics and metals are dry waste and can be disposed of separately. Homeless people have to go through a series of procedures before they can be disposed of, which is not easy. Because if you don't dispose of the doll before throwing it away, you will frighten the finder and lead to misunderstandings. You can cut the life size sex doll to the size of your fist with scissors and throw it in the garbage bag. The built-in metal frame can be handled by force and bending.

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If we want to deal properly with a sex doll, it should be clear that it is a real doll, but not a real person. The actual love doll weighs around 20 to 30 kg, but my male colleague is still having a bit of trouble moving. Then I found a car and drove to my colleague's door. Close male colleagues were brought in front of the badminton court, not forgetting to hide their clothes. Eventually he called his uncle who was collecting the rubbish and he came and took the Dutchman doll with him. So let me remind you that dolls are a big deal when it comes to garbage collection and they cost money. What do you think of real dolls?

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