Japan's anime sex doll industry is growing rapidly

Japan's anime sex doll industry is growing rapidly

Japan is one of the countries with beautiful girls. Not only are they beautiful to look at, but they are also shy and quiet. You are the perfect example for women. But unfortunately, you can't date a Japanese girl unless she's 30. That's where deliciously elegant Japanese dolls come into play.

Japan's sex doll industry has given their sex dolls a unique name: Dutch Wife. Historically, this is because Dutch seafarers are known for spending months at sea and trying to get creative with their 'solitude'.

They made rag dolls to satisfy their desires. In French and Spanish, sailors call them. Both terms can be roughly translated as "traveling lady". They are going to make this leather love doll with Dutch sailors and would like to stop by the TPE sex doll harbor and swap parts. To this day, the history of sex dolls from the Netherlands is closely linked to that of the Japanese.

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The anime sex doll industry is also one of the fastest growing in Japan and is undergoing one of the most dynamic changes we have ever seen. The billion-dollar industry has transformed from a purely synthetic rubber business into a diversified industry focused on outfitting anime sex doll with artificial intelligence personalities. In the past, sex dolls were simply inflated rubber creatures associated with minimal sexual pleasure. However, with continued research on the subject, consumers can now enjoy sex robots that please them as much as women do.

This Japanese sex doll is known for her looks and features. She is known for having the perfect body and bringing you the best pleasures in life. She will be your forever young girl and will never stop you from trying different sex positions with her. You can expect her to be well behaved in bed.

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