Jason's story with his silicone doll

Jason's story with his silicone doll

She is a silicone doll, to keep her from getting into emotional trouble. Just as photographer Brad Hough captured the normal life of the couple, shot by Jason in his 50s and his wife Ange. They are not like all couples. However, they love each other, support each other and share their intimacy. Ange is Jason's $8,000 silicone doll.

Perhaps because of feeling lonely and depressed, Jason decided to buy Ange to solve the problem. They create the perfect love in their apartment. Jason can see Ange's love, Ange also received a gift from Jason.

The relationship between Jason and Ange differs from what is usually found in sex partner sex doll and its owners. Jason from scratch and Ange established a real relationship. He can hear Ange's voice, you can talk to him, "the soul of a Qi" and believe that Ange answered him. In such a rapid development of our society, it is very moving to see this weakened man find refuge in the arms of a large human silicone doll.

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