Learn to pamper your doll

Learn to pamper your doll


Premium material, simulate skin. Imported platinum silicone high imitation human skin touch delicate and smooth, safety and environmental protection, so you can't put it down.

Lower body:

High-end simulation, real lower body. The maze of the passion doll is a closed model, which when used will have a strong suction feeling. The interior is a granular structure of bumps and the design of the simulation person.


Live action simulation, plump boobs. The solid design of the doll's chest makes it look full of flesh and lightness, giving visual impact. You can also use your imagination to create more games.

It should be noted that when changing the pose of the doll, try to keep the mini sex doll in a lying or sitting position.

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If you need to let the baby lying down to sit, it is recommended to lift the legs after pressing the doll's body, so that the internal joints can live longer.

Clean and sterilize before and after use, and at least one maintenance should be done the following month. To avoid damage during use, you must lie flat on the doll to avoid over-tightening and bending over. Apply quality assured body lubricant to maintain internal lubrication of the opening. If the sexual opening is not sufficiently lubricated, wear a more lubricating condom to ensure that the doll is used within the normal operating range.

Do not let the adult doll come into direct contact with the cold floor or table, put soft blankets on it or play on the sofa!

After cleaning, the doll should be placed in a vent to allow it to dry naturally, avoiding direct sunlight and causing the passion doll to fade.

To ensure that the doll can be used for a long time, there is a certain requirement for space. A good preservation environment can well place the aging of the doll's skin and internal parts, greatly extending the life of the doll.

Silicone dolls have a limited range of activities and avoid excessive distortion. His head, arms, waist, and legs have some range of motion. Maintaining a good habit of use will be a longer life for your doll, because maintenance is always troublesome.

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