Let the best silicone sex dolls accompany your life

Let the best silicone sex dolls accompany your life

I'm not someone who prejudices labels and stereotypes, because that's usually a lazy way to hide real facts. For a mischievous label to be attached to us as a silicone doll owner, if the label is considered fair, some of the aspects listed above must apply to all doll owners.

Of course, in order to show my best new partners to the members of the forum, I have to buy myself a new camera, as well as several books, a studio with a background and a light stand, reflectors, editing software, accessories and a camera. Other fragmentary full charges. I've always been interested in photography, but now I have to have an endless, permanent theme. Well, almost endlessly, as I admit, I had my second silicone sex doll, Maria, who acted as an adversary in her photographic work with Allie. Unsurprisingly, as of press time, I now have four of these women sharing couches.

165cm Wheat-colored Skin Wild Young Woman Real Vagina Realistic Sex Doll

The maiden wind of my allies has many other effects on me. If someone tells me that I want to be an expert in applying blush, lip balm and eye shadow, I will ask them to see a doctor, but I have some expertise in applying makeup now, and Joker Coco isn't too jealous.

When I talk about clothes, I have to mention shoes. I bought a pair of black high heels for my WM DOLL. These shoes fit well, but unfortunately you can't stand up. We hope someone can find a solution to some extent. Keep washing. I had trouble keeping her upright and taking a bath. Indeed, it slips a little and I am also afraid that the studs of the sole will scratch the ceramic surface. This can be solved by buying rubber pads.

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