Lifelike erotic intelligent doll

Lifelike erotic intelligent doll

Sex dolls used to be life-size inflatable creatures that were noticeably inadequate in every way. They really aren't like humans. But as the sex doll technology industry upgrades, Chinese company AI-Tech Doll has now changed that, creating dolls that can talk and look incredibly lifelike. These sex dolls have artificial intelligence and everything becomes more real.

West World 2017

The starting point is the 1973 Hollywood film of the same name, in which Yul Brunner played a human robot. The series is also about the amusement park of the future, where visitors interact with robots (robots) from the western world, which are indistinguishable from real people. You can dance with them, fight them, shoot them and have sex with them.

Fans of the TV show Westworld will inevitably be reminded of future scenes that bear a striking resemblance to the labs that make Chinese love dolls.

It looks a little strange as the naked headless dolls move through the factory on hooks. At that time, they were still a long way from buying something later.

Emily - 170cm Sexy Short Skirt Juicy Pussy Adult Doll

The boss of the manufactory explains: “Our small sex doll are like people. They have bones, muscles and skin. The skeleton consists of over 160 parts.”

When they are finished, the dolls look different, they have different faces and different hairstyles, and they are carefully made up and groomed. When the doll's skin is dull, it looks very real. They even have "personality" according to the manufacturer. Because there is a robot on top of them that allows them to move, blink and make faces.

Westworld still has one thing in common: Chinese sex dolls, which cost around 4,250 euros, can also talk to users and answer questions. Also substitutions like in the series? They speak like Siri and Alexa.

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