Looking for high quality dolls, robots and silicone

Looking for high quality dolls, robots and silicone

Since the scientific literature on sex dolls and sex robots has not yet been fully reviewed and shows great heterogeneity, a more detailed systematic review is not appropriate, which is why the scope review is particularly useful. Our procedures follow current system-wide review methodology guidelines.

Women and girls, harmed by unrealistic beauty standards widely accepted by the media, will feel even more inadequate when exposed to the marketing culture of a beautiful, forever young, and totally submissive female love doll. Yes. sex robot. Are we looking for a future of gender inequality?

Also, did they also predict that we can only achieve this through one-sided, male-centric, and gender-negative predictions? Why don't we ask other questions like: Do women want innovative technology? How can we design and market women and couples in a friendly, feminist, queer, competent and inclusive way and promote the sexual health and well-being of WM Dolls and robots? So far, most claims about the current and future effects of real dolls and sex robots are purely speculative due to a lack of design research and empirical use and impact research.

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By systematically capturing the current academic status of silicone sex doll and sex robots, this review aims to improve sex researchers' and sex practitioners' understanding and promote their professional application in the field of humanoid artifacts. Technology and digitization are fundamental societal processes that affect all areas of life, including human sexual behavior.

Sex researchers and practitioners must be prepared to respond to these changes in an informed and professional manner, considering their own knowledge gaps, biases, and predictions. Sex dolls and sex robots seem to be a particularly suitable field for research and training, as they usually evoke strong emotions and need to be understood, solved and questioned through clear concepts.

Scope Review is a form of knowledge synthesis aimed at solving exploratory research aimed at reviewing the key concepts, evidence and research gaps related to the defined field or field through systematic search, selection and synthesis of existing knowledge problems.

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