Love Doll A friend's emotional bond

Love Doll A friend's emotional bond

Some men have an emotional bond with love dolls. They call themselves "doll friends".

and use the online forum anonymously to share photos, experiences and advice. In recent years, their number has increased from a few hundred to over 20,000.

Some people find emotional comfort in buying a real doll. For some, however, dolls are simply a substitute for emotional attachment. Many children are also interested in discovering and maintaining an emotional connection with others.

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The difficult part is that there are many obstacles to your hobby. Some people have stereotypes: some people believe that they subconsciously dislike or fear the opposite sex. They see the opposite sex as an object. Maybe you're not ready for it, or you're having a hard time establishing a truly normal relationship with yourself.

Sex dolls are clean and there is no risk of infectious diseases, but men can love them with confidence. You can satisfy your sexual desire whenever you want. "She is waiting for you. She is only yours and will never leave you. Your investment in a silicone sex doll will pay off. If you choose a prostitute you will be happy even in the short term but when the night is over the woman will eventually leave you after the night. After that, you have a sexual appetite and want to have another sexual partner.

In China, thousands of men leave their hometowns and families to work in the city, coming home at most every weekend. However, with the onset of loneliness, many feel the need for company and like to carry sex dolls with them.

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