Love doll can be supported individually

Love doll can be supported individually

The expression of the love dolls on this cute face is annoying and mesmerizing! And since the joints move freely, you can play in this pose, you can enjoy AV-like sexual pleasure, erotic married women throw you women in top poses! The face shape is a delicate shape that is acceptable for both Japanese and Asian people. You can customize your hairstyle, hair color, eye color, skin color, nipple color, nails, and the texture and color of your penis to your liking. From virgin pink tones to familiar colors.

A sex doll that replicates the full body of a life-size woman

A beautiful fat sex doll that replicates the full body of a woman in life size. The beauty of styling that can be mistaken for a real woman! In addition, the shape of the female genitalia is also very realistic and highly valued, and the perfect body lines like adult women are stunning. Depending on the brand, you can adjust not only your height and weight, but also your face shape and skin tone. Either way, someone with a near-ideal face and body will be delighted.

158cm Beautiful Tits Angeline Has Big Breasts

Also, I would love it if you enjoy playing different games. Sexy and sexy clothes are good, but the naked apron also makes me feel like a married woman, the pink skin gives a rosy feeling, the face is not exaggerated, and the perfect figure is irresistible! Even small blemishes and wrinkles on the skin are beautifully reproduced, and it is recommended for those looking for realism! Such a figure is not clothing or underwear that exposes the skin, but wearing a high-necked sleeveless knitted material is very erotic! Lift it up and rub your boobs out from under your clothes as you step back! I'm so excited because apparently I had illicit sex with my wife! Real, more beautiful than the original! ! ! If there is such a woman in the family, she does not need her!

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