Love Doll Care Instructions (above)

Love Doll Care Instructions (above)

If you buy a quality love doll, you should be able to enjoy it for years. The most important thing is to deal with routine maintenance and pay close attention to cleanliness.

Why should I clean my sex doll?

Even if you use a condom during intercourse, a small amount of liquid can be transferred. Sweat when touching or saliva when kissing can also be problematic. The last thing you want is for your love dolls to turn into a silicone petri dish.

When you're done inside your doll, you'll have more reason to clean it. If you find this unsanitary or invasive, heed the suggestions above and wear a condom. This will reduce the mess and make cleaning a little easier.

Clean regularly and keep dangerous bacteria away. It also avoids friction damage caused by the doll's skin not being clean enough.

How often should I clean my disposable dolls?

You should clean your dolls after each use. If you are storing your doll for a long period of time, you should take her out about once a month to inspect and clean her. You will be able to identify and fix moisture issues or any other issues.

What products do I need to clean my sex dolls?

There are two important considerations here. First, you need to watch out for bacteria and cleanliness. Also remember that your doll will touch the most intimate parts of your body. Most likely you don't want to use harsh chemicals. These can also be harmful to your doll's sensitive skin.

Luckily, there are some great products designed for cleaning sex dolls and other toys. These are safe for your body and will not damage your sex dolls.

Anyone who owns a sex doll should purchase an antibacterial sex toy cleaning spray. Sex toy sprays with aloe vera are suitable for silicone and other materials commonly used in real sex dolls and other toys. You can also use a foam cleaner for a more intensive scrubbing and lathering. Don't forget to rinse the internal parts after use. Finally, for any type of product, you should use a toning powder. This prevents drying out and cracking.

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Here are some other items to keep with you. Some of these may be near your home.

Soft, lint-free clothing.
A bottle brush.
Mild shampoo.
Oil-free make-up remover.
Step-by-step instructions for clean toys
You need a work surface where your doll can get wet. If you have access to a shower, all the better. Bring some towels and the cleaning supplies mentioned above.

Clean the body openings - vagina, anus and mouth
There are no exceptions. If you use the bezel, even if it's only for a few seconds, you need to clean it. This means.

Rinse off all bodily fluids. Use the conditioners listed above.
Flush with a sports bottle. A special foaming cleanser is good. The same applies to a mild soapy solution.
Use a soft bottle brush to make sure everything is clean. Finally, rinse everything off.
Pat the outside dry. The doll must not get wet.
Clean the doll's face
If it is not dirty, simply wipe it with a barely damp cloth. Some people like to put makeup on their dolls. Use an oil-free makeup remover to do this. Be careful not to use staining oil-based cleaners.

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