Love Doll Care Instructions (Below)

Love Doll Care Instructions (Below)

If you buy a high quality love doll with realistic hair, you can customize it as you like.

Clean the doll's hair

If it's not messy, your love doll's hair won't need to be washed very often. A simple shampoo and conditioner works well. Many users like to wash their dolls' hair in the sink. Some dolls even do well with aerosol shampoo. In this way, a variety of looks can be created that let your imagination run wild.

Dry your love dolls after cleaning

You should always dry your love dolls after cleaning. Wet dolls can cause bacterial growth and musty odors. Pat your love doll dry and don't rub it. Use a cloth that does not pill or create unsightly lint.

What not to do when cleaning your love doll

Unfortunately, some people get it wrong and severely damage their dolls. Below is a list of things to avoid.

Delay in the cleaning process: when microbes grow and multiply, the doll is ruined. There is no level of purification that will make them safe again.

Do not immerse dolls in water, especially those with electronic components.

Use any oil on the inside or top of your doll.

Get your doll wet.

How to take good care of your doll

Treat your doll with care and respect. You will be rewarded with years of sex.

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Always support your most realistic sex doll properly when handling and moving her. Do not pull or lift at the weakest points, such as elbows or neck. Otherwise it could dislocate. Don't be too rough during sex. Do not bend any part of the body to allow natural movement. Do not hit your doll hard, twist or bend it. If it hurts you, it will probably hurt your doll too. This also applies to stuffed or inflatable joke article dolls.

relocation and storage

If you need to change your doll, put her in a box and cook her with a blanket. This is to avoid damage caused by rough handling.

When it comes to storage, you have different options. Some people keep their dolls outside. Most people prefer something less conspicuous. Some dolls come with a closed and locked storage box. There are also special hangers. These can turn your closet into a great place to store your dolls.

Don't put your doll on the clothes. Dyes can penetrate the doll's skin. Do not place them in or near other items that could transfer colors and stains. Keep in mind that these signs are almost always personal.

Replacing the parts of your sex doll

What if parts break or wear out? Can these be replaced? How difficult is it to do this? How high are the costs?

Good news! You can replace many parts yourself. Some of these repairs can be done using items from your household. Others may require you to replace parts.

How to replace your nails

If you can figure out how to put fake nails on yourself or someone else, then you're in luck. That's all you have to do to replace your doll's nails. Simply peel off the excess nail tissue and clean the doll hands. Now follow the instructions that come with the purchased nail kit.

This method is excellent for two reasons. Firstly, the price is unbeatable. Second, it's a good idea to cover up broken nails and refresh the doll's overall look.

How to change eyes

Before you do anything, make sure your doll is painted over the eyes. If yes, then you need to use some techniques to fix them. We advise against it unless you are very gifted. Otherwise, this task is best left to the professionals. Talk to the doll maker or seller. They should be able to help you find someone who can restore your doll's eyes.

In other cases, the doll's eyes have been replaced. For this you need to become an Ear Key. This way you can carefully remove the existing eyes and put in new ones, making sure they fit perfectly.

Warning. Do this with care. There are eyelets in the eye socket that hold the colored lenses in place. Don't break them!

How to replace loose eyelashes

The best option here is a simple set of glued-on eyelashes. Simply place the new lashes on top of the lash line. A good set of false eyelashes may be expensive, but it's worth it. They should come with a set of upper and lower lashes and glue.

Move slowly and carefully. Pay close attention to the alignment of your eyelashes. Do a good job and your doll will look absolutely stunning.

Should You Send Your Sex Doll Away?

There are some issues that require you to contact a professional. For example, if part of the bone structure is damaged, you need to see a professional. Any parts connected to the electrical system, the internet, or both, should only be removed or serviced by a professional.

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