Love doll sales guarantee

Love doll sales guarantee

We have a complete love doll sales process, from sale to production to delivery.

Numerous changes have been made to cater to the market. Every job is quite complex. In order to embody the character of the site's sexiest beach babe, the hottie's visual design was a challenge: "We had to work on her skin, her sandy-colored saltwater-bleached hair, and the pink nipples on her bikini. You don't develop something like that every day.”

80% of orders come from retail customers

we are now able to offer our European retail customers cheap sex dolls at different price points, supporting customization and allowing for different head and body combinations of the same brand. As long as the customer's idea makes sense, we can implement it.

Laurentia-156cm Big Breasted Japanese Female Teacher Sexdoll Cheap

Love dolls are made in China. There are a large number of manufacturing plants and foundries in southern China's cities. This makes our offer relatively cheap.

Efforts to pass on to a secret address

The website offers an encryption protocol that protects the user's privacy from prying eyes. We guarantee careful delivery and safe arrival. The package does not contain any private information.

Our motivation is to make our customers very happy. Of course, their service is also very anonymous: "I offer online payment and careful delivery to a pre-arranged address". You don't want your sexy girlfriend or wife to be jealous or pressured in this relationship.

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