Love dolls: 5 fatal mistakes

Love dolls: 5 fatal mistakes

Using love dolls is a practice that can increase or greatly improve pleasure in bed with your partner.
To help you get the most out of your device, here are 5 fatal mistakes you should never make. Forget to clean the sex toys you use! It is very important that you clean your cheap sex doll after each use. The most important consequence is that bacteria can settle there without you noticing. So if you don't clean them, you risk vaginal bacterial diseases that can affect your sexual pleasure.

However, please note that to clean your sex dolls, you must first refer to the instructions for use. Read the instructions carefully, then clean as directed. However, please note that for most toys, soap and hot water are sufficient for proper cleaning.

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Neglect storing your sex dolls!

After using your sex object, you may forget to put it away. All you need is some plastic bags or fabric to keep them safe and secure.

However, be careful not to combine them so they don't get contaminated if you get sick. Put each toy in a separate bag. Don't forget that you should always clean your toys before putting them away.

Use silicone sex doll toys separately when you are in love! You may not know it, but sex toys are more useful when you use them with your partner (and only when you have them). Using it with your partner present or participating can help increase your orgasms and enhance your intimacy.

So let yourself be carried away by your own curiosity, let your deepest sexual desires speak for themselves and use sharing to achieve sensational results.

Use sex dolls instead of humans!

If there's one thing you absolutely should avoid, it's letting the dramatic effects of sex toys affect you. You should not allow yourself to lose sight of the importance of physical contact.

In fact, they only serve to enhance sex life and not to replace a partner (if you have one). On the other hand, if you are single, they allow you to maintain regular sexual activity.

Use erotic toys to compensate for sexual dissatisfaction with your partner!
A large proportion of cheap sex doll users shy away when their partner finds it difficult to provide these objects of pleasure. That shouldn't be the case, because it's supposed to allow you to make your sex life as a couple more interesting. It's not a substitute!

Focusing on it is likely to lead to frustration. It should only be used in couples when sex life is already going well.

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