Love dolls are precision works of art

Love dolls are precision works of art

Compared to inflatable love dolls, sex dolls are more realistic. Although they are sex dolls, they are actually based on the body structure and appearance of beautiful girls. In the production workshop, one must not imagine how beautiful and beautiful the TPE dolls made in this way are. Each body part of the doll is made separately, and body parts such as arms, head, legs and feet are made separately and then assembled. In addition, these dolls require bathing, makeup, manicure and hair styling, and have high standards of skin color, makeup and hairstyle. Most dolls must conform to public aesthetics.

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All the details have to be the best and if the workers are not careful they can end up being "dead". In the eyes of the production workers, each inflatable doll is their hard work and they live. Although the production process is complicated, the finished product is very good, very realistic, and all are beautiful dolls. That's probably why these small sex doll can sell for thousands of dollars! When people's demand for sex increases and the gender ratio is imbalanced, the demand for sex dolls in the market also increases. Although expensive, many people are willing to spend money. Do you dare to buy such a sex doll?

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