Love dolls very much mimic real people

Love dolls very much mimic real people

A life-size love doll is a sex tool that can highly imitate a real person and has the following characteristics: 1. The current sex doll have high artificial skin, the material is non-toxic and tasteless, the touch is good, durable and almost feels like real people. It is dustproof and easy to clean.

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2. By moving each joint of Onahodol to change different postures, you can have a more comfortable experience during use.

3. The sex doll's body temperature can be personalized. Automatic heating can heat the vagina and breast to a temperature close to the actual body temperature of 37 °C, making it closer to a real person.

At present, the price of safe and high-quality life-size love dolls is usually around 1000 euros. However, as people's living standards improve and ideas spread, acceptance of porn dolls also increases. For those looking for high quality, beef dolls are a good choice.

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