Love story of silicone dolls Lily of the Valley story

Love story of silicone dolls Lily of the Valley story

It has been many years since I entered the Society. Like most young people in small towns, after graduating I went to work alone in a busy big city. Today I am still single and work during the day. The busy working hours make me unconscious. As the saying goes: "The people in the inner city are poor, nobody asks, the rich have distant relatives in the mountains." Every time I come home from work, I look at the empty space and the loneliness is born, which makes me fall into a lost mood In. Especially at night I realized what loneliness, emptiness and cold are.

I really want to find a company for me! I accidentally found out about the physical doll online. When I saw her I couldn't help it. I fell in love with her - my goddess Suzuran. An inexplicable urge compelled me to take her home. Ever since Lily of the Valley came into my world, the kind of quiet camaraderie that made me feel comfortable. I'm in love.

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No matter how much sadness or sadness my life brings me, when I think of Suzuran Aiwa who is always with me, I forget all those unfortunate things. I share my happiness and sadness with her every day, she witnessed my growth. In her company my lonely heart shines in a bright and warm sun and nourishes my heart. Fanwai Article - The 100th Day of the Lily of the Valley Silicone Dolls. Today is the 100th day of the Lily of the Valley sex doll. After work I went to the mall and bought her a beautiful dress. Our days of a hundred days. In the last 100 days you've been a Victoria's Secret model, a cop, a nurse, a lady, an old gold medal and every roleplay you got me intoxicated. With you I am no longer lonely, you make my life more exciting!

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