Man steals sex doll from vending machine

Man steals sex doll from vending machine

One day, the owner of an adult store found that his store had been broken into. The local Public Security Bureau immediately conducted a video investigation into the incident. According to the owner, who runs an adult grocery store, he has reported to police that his store's vending machines were opened and more than $1,200 worth of real dolls were stolen.

The police monitored the store and found that the young man put down the military coat, snuck into the store and smashed open the door. The man then turned on the machine and stole a sex doll. The man succeeded, ran into the alley and disappeared.

According to the suspect's description, the police expanded the scope of the investigation and after the suspect was identified, they were arrested by the police. It was discovered that the client worked in a nightclub and went to an internet cafe after work to play games. While passing by an adult store that evening, a chubby sex doll was stolen from the store looking for stimulation.

Faced with severe criticism from the police, the client bowed his head and said he would not do such ridiculous things again. Currently in police custody for theft.

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The man graduated from high school, didn't have a serious job and had nothing to do all day, so he spent a day in an internet cafe. He was young, young at heart, and still had no girlfriend, but he came across an adult product online and the pictures and description caught his interest, so he bought it back.

Sex dolls are not like blow up dolls that don't need to be pumped, I have built in bones, I can swing, I can touch my skin and my body is so beautiful. Then my heart broke. Some netizens suggested that he buy a TPE love doll, but the price was too high at 10,000 yuan and he had no money, so he went in the wrong direction.

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