Many silicone doll company talking open brothel sex doll

Many silicone doll company talking open brothel sex doll

Last month, many companies were talking about a new silicone sex doll brothel opened in France and marked for the first time in Europe. We are very happy that our marketing has gradually entered the mainstream media and we know that our doll brand has faced challenges in this process.

Shortly after their initial opening, they were closed by the owner after learning that their business and other local prostitutes were complaining about the new competition. Luckily, they reopened in a new location and only revealed their location to paying customers to ensure a lot of people are looking for privacy. They also plan to expand to other countries.

157cm Mid-chest Wheat-colored Skin Temptation Sexy Doll

Wright is looking for a new brothel in the UK. With their initial success, they saw a market for real experiences and sex dolls that could fulfill all their fantasies.

Since our last blog post, old accessories have been removed from their big butt dolls, and new parts and features have been added. The service is still the same, customers can request their dolls to be in the clothes, they can find other customizations in the apartment that they can use at the time of the big butt doll.

Considering the problems of the new brothel, we wouldn't be surprised to see more doll-focused choices for doll brands and broader overall choices to appeal to diverse customers. For those looking for sex dolls, you can solve your sexual desire problem.

From round asses to huge breasts, we have sex dolls for you to choose from. We supply each doll for the customer and can even be customized to ensure it is what you like for your new favorite doll etc.

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