Mature real doll

Mature real doll

Many of our real dolls have soft facial features and represent quite young women.

They're not too flashy. You are bored of tall skinny 20 year old women and you are looking for a normal woman. We give you all the tips you need to create a life size sex doll that has the shape of a mature woman.

choice of facility

Although all of these faces will fit most of our doll bodies, we recommend you choose a nicely sculpted body.

Below is a list of plump and healthy doll bodies.
158cm small-bellied small-breasted round doll
Big breasted doll with buttocks 160cm
Beautiful hips doll 160cm
152cm doll with large breasts, small waist and wide pelvis

Charlie 161cm Full Size Sex Doll TPE F-Cup with SE Doll

Attention: Large body means weight 30-40kg, which makes the doll difficult to handle and carry. We do not recommend buying a heavy doll if you suffer from back pain or are in poor health.

Other tips

Once you've found the right head-to-body configuration, remember that short hair ages rather than rejuvenates. Why not add "natural" pubic hair?
The choice of clothing and makeup is also important.

With the growing success of love dolls and other future robots designed to satisfy human desires, it's no surprise that Europe's first brothel opened in Barcelona.

A great value service offering 4 TPE sex dolls in an apartment in a country known for its sex tourism. The cost of chatting with these fascinating dolls in a room with a TV, condoms, lube and a brothel atmosphere depends on the length of time you desire. They range from €80 per hour (promotional price instead of €120) to €170 for 2 hours, so a tailor-made price for a weekend!

The organizers have announced the great success of releasing the busy schedule in just a few days and there is no doubt that the enthusiasm will soon die down. We agree that the concept is interesting for customers, especially in terms of hygiene, and that the risk of disease transmission from such dolls is minimal. However, we doubt that renting a doll will pay off in the long run. Many of our potential customers often ask us why we don't rent dolls or why we don't want them to be sexually "tested" in our showroom. The main reason is that sex dolls need special care, they are very fragile and should be treated with love. Unlike in brothels, the customer pays a small fee and does not take care of his temporary silicone sex doll.

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